IBM i priorities have evolved. Has your IT strategy?

Strategic advisory services for IBM i modernization and sustainability, innovation, efficiency, AI, security, cloud and more.

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Designing IT Innovation, One Strategy at a Time

Modernization Discovery

Design a strategic modernization roadmap, implementation plan, budget & business case

Your existing green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages without requiring changes to your source code.

Business Process Innovation

Document the critical elements of your IBM i applications: Data model, business rules, interfaces, process workflows.

Workflow Process Mapping

Business Continuity Planning

Create a plan to implement knowledge management, document critical application knowledge, and address skills sustainability.

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Strategic Cloud Roadmap

Develop a strategy, implementation 
roadmap, budget & business case to 
move your workloads to cloud.

Conduct a forensic audit of your IBM i
application ecosystem, processes, and governance.

Strategic IT Heath Check

IT Maturity Roadmap

Audit your IT department and design a roadmap to get it from good to best-in-class.

IT Operations Efficiency Discovery

Benchmark your operations against best practices and create a value & 
risk-driven enhancement roadmap.

Audit your IBM i for vulnerabilities and document a risk-based roadmap to properly secure it & reduce your exposure.

IBM i Security Audit & Planning

US-based Telco: Multi-year Modernization Strategy

Journey: Modernization Discovery, Business Process Innovation 

Overhauled business systems, achieving a COBOL to Java transformation, improved UI, and modern interfaces.

Global Insurer: Transition to Modern Tech Base  

Journey: Modernization Discovery

Modernized Db2 and migrated to MS-SQL, transformed COBOL to C#.NET, switched IBM i to AWS & reduced TCO.

Major Union: Transform Unsustainable Ecosystem

Transformed to modern technologies (Java, SQL, Cloud) and switched to a Managed Services operating model.

Journey:  Modernization Discovery, Security Audit, Cloud Strategy


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