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From Quick Wins to Full Transformation: Navigating Application Modernization and UI Enhancement

On-Demand Recording - Part of the 
System i Developer Lunch & Learn Series

The Latest in RPG & From Quick Wins to Full Transformation:

Success with Application Modernization

The session focuses on application modernization, customization, and enhancement, with two main components: UI and code transformation. 

Marcel and Scott cover achievable outcomes with the user interface (UI), emphasizing possibilities and constraints. They also underscore the importance of long-term planning, from quick wins to full transformation, to ensure a smooth transition for end users.

IBM Champion & Founder, 
System i Developer

General Manager, 
Modernization Solutions

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Team Lead, 
Web Application Services 

The Latest in RPG

RPG continues to keep growing and there are always new things to learn. In this session, Jon covers some of the most recent enhancements.

  • Enumerations - something completely new to RPG
  • New *ALLSEP option for %SPLIT - great for handling CSV data!
  • Enhancements to SELECT, making it more powerful and simpler

Jon Paris

Marcel Sarrasin & Scott Gingersty